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How to heal, not just cope with mental illness (Part 2): Be perpetually Mindful

The sentence “our mind is not meant to rule our emotions” will always trigger a defensive response that is rooted in innate pain avoidance when our emotions are ruled by a script (nurtured mindset) that’s in conflict with who we are, thus it’s a response that rationalizes our emotional cognitive dissonance and will always have us coping with but never healing from our pain. It’s never the conditions that we find ourselves that bring us emotional pain, but our nurtured habitual thoughts towards the conditions, and the only thing that will take away our pain is to change our thoughts, which is impossible when we’re constantly running from them with coping mechanisms. When we choose to go back to being masters of our mind as we were when we came into the world, observers of our nurturing and defenders of creation with our emotions, recognizing and agreeing with that sentence is an intricate, inextricable part of going back to not defining ourselves by our script. This of course requires us to face those enslaving habitual thoughts that have us living by knowledge of false self in order to emancipate from them. It is one of the most challenging parts of healing, because it’s about bringing those ingrained enslaving thoughts formed over the length of our nurturing that we’ve robotically defended all our lives, out of our subconscious into our consciousness. Our conscious mind is the domain of our free will where we do our thinking, so, we cannot be masters of our mind if we are not masters of our conscious mind, but we cannot be masters of our conscious mind if we are not masters of our subconscious mind. This is why we need to “Be perpetually Mindful”, but, additionally, as opposed to when we came into the world and mindfulness was our habit, we need to re-cultivate the habit. Being mindful of being mindful.

So, what conflicts are we disagreeing with? What exactly does our script contain?

It’s human innate creativity translating the knowledge of self with which we came into the world that ruled our emotions, and knowledge of environment, in the language of our environment (English, French, Spanish, et.). When we eat unhealthy, in conflict with our body, it causes what’s called chronic inflammation, which is fertile foundation for disease. We can solve that problem by eating healthy foods from Earth with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. When we are mentally unhealthy the term “chemical imbalance” is used, but it also causes chronic inflammation, and one of the reasons is that our body adapts to our mindset, however, we can’t solve that problem with a physical solution. We need to change our mindset. The thoughts in conflict with who we are, knowledge of self, are what we disagree and emancipate from in order to heal. As I said in the previous post, choosing to heal is the first step to healing, otherwise we’re just being mindful with the same script that has us in emotional pain, and I know from experience that is extremely frustrating.

“Being perpetually Mindful” and choosing “Peace” are the first steps, but we can’t do battle if we can’t stay in the battlefield of our mind. We can’t stop the enslaving habitual thoughts from our subconscious mind to face them and disagree with them without neutralizing the emotional pain they trigger. We do that with No Judgment.

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