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How to heal from duality of Mind (Part 1)

“This is who I am!” was one of my favorite phrases before healing, and it went quite well with the prevailing societal belief that “people don’t change”, but, after healing, I now realize that both phrases are rationalizations of our emotional cognitive dissonance rooted in duality of Mind. Adaptation is at the very root of our being, and, as we are all warriors, we adapt to the person we choose to be. When we are pain warriors, living by duality of Mind, we have adapted unwittingly/rebelliously to our nurturing that’s in conflict with peace, our emotional foundation, and choosing to heal is made extremely challenging because we live in a society ruled by the same duality of Mind, which is why most resign to that emotionally painful mindset.

However, I can tell you from experience, without an iota of doubt, that healing, not just coping with being mentally ill, is not an abstract idea. It’s a practical choice we can make because it depends on changing the one thing of which we have total control...our thoughts. Our brain’s ability for Neurogenesis/Neuroplasticity, which means we can emancipate from our enslaving habitual thoughts and form new ones, facilitates our adaptability.

Unless our brain has lost the capacity for Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity, healing, the road less traveled, is a choice we can definitely make. I did it, not because I’m “special”, “unique”, “an anomaly”, as I’ve been told, but because I CHOSE to be a peace warrior. I CHOSE to go back to the oneness of Mind with which we came into the world, and that is the first and most important step to healing. Choosing the type of warrior, we want to be, and fully understanding that we’ve chosen to be a “black sheep”. Making this choice is the first of the 6 Innate Needs Get Peaced is based on to re-cultivate harmonious intimacy with who we are.

#1. Choose Peace...commit and submit your free will to self-management to your peaceful nature.

Choosing is extremely important because of Free Will, which is a phrase that confuses most.

As I said previously, it’s choosing the person we want to be, and being ready for pain warriors.

“A black man talking about what you’re talking about” and “You’ve been doing this a long’re not making any money from it” were two things two pain warriors said to me when I was in the process of putting Get Peaced together, but neither deterred me, because by choosing to be a peace warrior I had chosen not to define creation by human creativity, and I will never give up being of service to others that have chosen to heal, thus feel the magic of peace, our emotional foundation.

How to heal from duality of Mind (Part 2)

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