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Mental health and One love

We are innately Peace warriors, totally knowing the calm energy of Peace. We came into the world defending that energy with oneness of mind, defending our innate needs for the sustenance and celebration of life. We used our emotions to ask for our physical(basic) needs, and, once satisfied, used our emotions to play with abandonment. Our emotions manifested unbridled creativity in loving life without judgment. Seeking validation from creation (no religious meaning) is our emotional foundation. We didn’t come into the world thinking we weren’t enough, something was missing, which is totally opposite to what this hierarchy of needs that is rooted in duality of Mind connotes.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Duality of Mind

I stumbled across this hierarchy of needs when I was still in the emotional pain elevator of duality of Mind, and even though it represented the exact state of Mind that ruled me, I felt conflict with it, but couldn’t articulate my conflict. Now, after healing, I know that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is what happens when our nurturing estranges us from our emotional foundation, and the conflict I felt came from knowledge of self. The “psychological and self-fulfillment needs” of this pyramid are nurtured needs, because we came into the world with one love, knowing that we belong, having a healthy self-esteem, and manifesting unbridled innate creativity.

This is our emotional foundation that needed no satisfaction by our nurturing, just an accurate translation into the language of our environment so that it rules the choices we make to satisfy our “basic needs”, keeping us Peace warriors with absolutely no emotional pain, and no physical pain triggered by emotional pain. Physical pain only coming from Earth maintaining homeostasis...our body working to maintain making unhealthy choices to satisfy our basic needs...accidents that come from us not being mindful...and unforeseen accidents.

What happens when we get estranged from who we are, is an abstract relationship with creation, and that becomes the foundation for our spirituality/religion, where we treat our source (no religious meaning) like a puppeteer. “Blessing” some and “cursing” some, when the truth of the matter is that we’ve been given all that, we need, and it’s only our species that creates absence with our greed that pillages Earth’s physical resources, and wars/conflicts rooted in our nurtured duality of Mind that destroy each other, other species, and Earth’s physical resources.

I am no more religious, but for decades I used to get down on my knees to cope with my duality of Mind, beg for forgiveness, make promises and deals with God, while at the same time making clueless choices in conflict with creation. “Save us” was one of the songs I wrote in this state of Mind.

There is nothing more powerless than not taking responsibility for our choices, thus playing victim to them, and there is nothing more emotionally painful. Now I know that we are the saviors we’ve been waiting on to heal from our duality of Mind, thus thrive emotionally, and manifest unbridled innate creativity with a Peace warrior collective consciousness that’s full of gratitude and celebration of creation, not seeking validation from our species.

How to heal from duality of

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