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There’s no greater responsibility than that of being a parent, in charge of the emotional and physical well being of our children, and there’s no greater way of expressing our love as parents than being emotionally and physically intelligent, so we can teach them how to keep living life from the inside out, the way they came unto Earth.  Depending on where we ourselves are, the tools we teach them will either have them living peaceful adult lives, or emotionally distressed ones, and, since we are one with all, the ripple effects will be felt universally. Witnessing my baby grow is still as surreal as seeing her come into this world in that hospital room the summer of 2010. Back then I was mostly clueless as to the tools to teach her, as I myself had just submitted to peace from within, knowing myself, the previous year, so, my return to living life from the inside out was still in it’s infancy. But, even though in infancy, I had cultivated the habit of meditating on the thoughts that led to my choices, looking in the mirror, with a bull dog commitment to seeking the truth within, and emancipating from enslaving thoughts. This served, and continues to serve me well in my choices with her, not to talk about it being one of the main reasons I am now at peace, emotionally and physically intelligent, and passionate about teaching her the tools to being a free bird.



 by Get Peaced