In 2009, after choosing peace, I had a vision to be a portal for others seeking tools of self management to peace, but first, I needed to take the road less traveled myself to acquire those tools. It took me about 91/2 years to emancipate from thinking my magical gift of life wasn't enough, something was missing, to knowing that it was more than enough, nothing was ever missing. In those years it became obvious to me that I had lived life mostly emotionally and physically unintelligent, and it was all rooted in lack of knowledge of self, which is our #1 societal disease. It's taken me another couple of years of meditation to figure out how to share the tools. Get Peaced is a manifestation of my vision, and it's all about practical emotional and physical Knowledge of Self tools for self management to peace.


Episodes 1 and 2 were foundational episodes, with 1, "Peace is a need", being about choosing peace, which is essential in the battle within of realigning our free will. In other words, picking a side in the battle within. Episode 2, Free will: Enslaved vs Free, delves into the importance of Knowledge of Self in having a truly free Free will, and the fact that the battle within is our Free will vs our Free will.' In this episode I share from my journey, how we come to have an enslaved Free will, and the importance of No Judgment and Mindfulness in being able to do the battle of thoughts within, back to the peace that's always been within.


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Episode 3


In episodes 1 and 2 I laid the foundations on what we commit to when we choose peace. Stressing, in no uncertain terms, the inevitable battle of our free will versus our free will  within, and the importance of knowledge of self in knowing that we do have free will.  In this episode I go into details about the root of our lack of intimacy with our being that's led us to needing to do this battle, breaking down what  judgment is  when it comes to peace, and how no judgment helps us cultivate the painless silence within that's needed to be comfortable with mindfully  observing our thoughts. The only way we can hear our spiritual, emotional truths loud and clear, which is key to being unbeatable in the battle back to the peace that's always been within.



 by Get Peaced