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A vision manifesting

In 2009, after choosing peace, or, more appropriately, surrendering to peace, thus finally choosing to stop resigning to the pain warrior I’d been nurtured to be, I had a vision to be of service to others seeking to heal from, not just cope with being mentally unhealthy. Delusionally I thought solving the problem by reversing the history in my mind of painful habitual thoughts was like a light switch, so, I could be of service right away. It was a frustrating rude awakening when I couldn’t make the choices I wanted to make to align with the person I’d chosen to be, and realized that the road less traveled was less traveled for a reason. But, even though that pipe dream of being of service right away was summarily dismissed, my resolve never wavered. Just like 1989 when I chose to get a “ripped” body, and did, albeit from an unhealthy seeking external validation in others of our species mindset, I was determined to face whatever challenges stood in the way of achieving peace, thus reversing that mindset. It took about 91/2 years to emancipate from the enslaving habitual thoughts that had me in conflict with being at peace, thinking our magical gift of life wasn't enough, something was missing. Now I know that our gift of life is more than enough, nothing is, or was ever missing, and being at peace begins and ends with seeking validation from our divine teacher within, which brings us to that which we are. One with our source, whatever word we choose to call our source (God, higher power, Creator), thus one with it all. Peace warriors. The more I grew in those years the more it became obvious to me that I had lived a mostly emotionally and physically unintelligent  existence, and it was all rooted in my estrangement from the knowledge of self with which we all came into the world, courtesy of my nurturing. It took me another few years of meditation and mindfulness to figure out how to be of service in a way that brings clarity of thought, which is priceless. GET PEACED is a manifestation of my vision.

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