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Master your mind

Be a Peace warrior

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Hello, I'm Got Peaced aka Tunde Oye. All of us have a life history and all of it is in our head. For most of us it stays there, but some of us record part of it externally on different mediums of human creativity. Journals, books, paintings, songs, etc. I didn’t fully realize it way back when I started writing songs, but, now as I listen back to them, I hear the different stages of my mindset. From my nurtured duality of Mind that led to me crashing emotionally right after “Where are you going”, to my battle back to the oneness of Mind where our peace lies, and “Funky Feely Free”.

Are you a Peace warrior? A master of your mind, or ready for the battle within to being the master of your Mind. If you are, subscribe to my bi-weekly Podcast. It's knowledge of self education.

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"There's a drummer deep inside you
that's got the rhythm  that you seek
steady beat of happiness no matter your condition
but you cannot hear the funky beat when other drummers got your ears
so pay attention do your own dance
your funky drummer's rocking steady".


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